Kitchen Remodeling

September 12, 2018

Kitchen Remodeling

There are some people who believe that remodeling is just about changing the structure of the current space. A successful kitchen remodeling project should add comfort, convenience, and beauty to your residence. Residential modeling projects comprise of organizing the structure of your bathroom, kitchen, exteriors and interiors of your home.

Recently, there is a lot of focus in the kitchen space. All you want is to make sure that the space is more attractive and highly functional. Remember you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen with your guests. When talking about kitchen remodeling, everyone always has something that he or she feels that he could have done differently. As a home owner, one of the worst things that you can do is to change your mind about what you want. Its good to make sure that you are comfortable with the current appearance of your kitchen as you will be spending a lot of time there with your family members and guests. According to research, one of the most expensive remodeling blunders is to change your mind while in the middle of the project. The financial implication of changing your mind can be very high for you to bear.

Therefore, there are some tips that you need to put into consideration when remodeling your project. One of the major components of your kitchen on the center island. The common goof design makes the island to look too big. The counter top should be big enough but not so big. You can let the width to range between 3 to 10 feet. The depth of your island can fall between 26 to 48 inches. This will provide you with enough working space.

The other thing that you can easily mess on it is the storage space. Consumer reports state that you should not skim. Make sure you plan carefully about the amount of space that you want and the exact location you need it. For example, glasses and dishes require 4 to 6 linear feet of cabinet storage space near or above the dishwasher or sink. On the other hand, pans and pots require the same amount of space and you have to store them close to the cooking pot.

The other important element of kitchen remodeling is the management of garbage. Try to hide a minimum of two sinks near the dishwasher or sink.

You also need excellent clearance of air and the hood should have the minimum width of a cooking pot. However, if you are putting the hood over the kitchen island, its width should be six inches over that of the cooking pot.

Modern microwave ovens have an inbuilt venting technology that saves a lot of space. Consumer report tests indicate that even vent fans are not as good as kitchen hood when the clearance of steam and smoke is concerned.

The other detail that most homeowners overlook is the lighting system of the kitchen. Did you know that even the most bright overhead lights can cast shadow as you continue to work. Most kitchen remodeling professionals recommend the use of under cabinets lighting. They will brighten your kitchen space and make the cooking to become easier than before.

Your kitchen can become a disaster if you don’t have in experience in remodeling. The best solution would be to hire a licensed kitchen remodeling expert like Miami-Dade Remodeling. Our professionals will help you to implement kitchen remodeling ideas that will make your space to stand out in the market.